What is domain name?

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are used in various networking contexts and for application-specific naming and addressing purposes.

Why domain important?

As everything start with domain it is most important to save brand
A premium domain name is like prime real estate — they’re in limited supply, many people or companies would love to own them, and they’ll maintain their value over time.

Domain is unique and only one name in the highest growing digital world. If you do not save your domain today someone might misuse it. The thing which you do not give attention today become critical tomorrow.

protecting domains important Domain management is your first line of defense

A business could potentially live or die on the web, based on its domain name. I’m not trying to scare you into paralysis, but I am trying to help you understand just how important a domain name really is.

Think of it this way: Your domain name is the web version of your street address. It’s how people find you on the (World Wide) Web.

Beyond being your web location, your domain name is also your identity on the web. And although many people think that their website is their first impression online, it’s actually their domain name that is the first impression.

unlike .COM domains, .org is a unique symbol of non profit and its role in the world.

Extensions communicate the location of a website, but can also convey the purpose. For example, in the United States, .gov means the site is owned and run by a government agency, and every time we navigate to a .gov site, like same if you click major brand website they use .in like

i phone maker use www.Apple.in for India world top brands

logistics leader FedEx use https://www.fedex.in/ for India

pharma leader use https://novartis.in  for India

telecom major Bharati airtel use https://www.airtel.in/ for India

IT Major use https://www.accenture.in

it does not matter you are a Indian company or global mnc all brand save their brand dot in domain name

With ccLTDs you do not need to work on Geo-targeting

Local TLDs offer you a very important feature most generic TLD website owners pay (via local SEO) to attain–geo-targeting. It comes with a domain extension unique to a particular country.

Domain name ownership transfer online

Attacks against domain names and domain portfolios are profoundly disruptive and damaging to customer trust and to your company’s reputation and bottom line. Your domain portfolio is a valuable corporate asset requiring round-the-clock protection

how you can save your domain name

JSM GLOBE LLP Registered under ministry of corporate affairs in india OWN DOMAINGURUG.COM a domain names after market support company

First, we secure the domain from its current owner. Then, we help you become the new owner. Finally, we only proceed with paying out the seller after we have secured your newly acquired domain from the previous owner.

Domaingurug.com secure the domain name from Seller once you complete the payment.

Domain name will be handed over to you in a secure way.

Domaingurug.com pay the seller only after you confirm you have the complete control of your domain name.

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Terms & Conditions:

Seller and the Purchaser hereby agree as follows:

Purchase Price. In consideration for payment of Rs 28000 (twenty eight thousand ), the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged (“Purchase Price”), paid by Purchaser to Seller, Seller hereby assigns, sells, transfers and conveys to Purchaser all of Sellers right, title, and interest in and to the Domain Name. Payment will be made in Indian Rupees

Sellers Representations. Seller represents and warrants that it is the lawful and exclusive registrant of the Domain Name and no other party has any right to registration of the Domain Name or has otherwise made any claim to the Domain Name. Seller further represents and warrants that it has the exclusive authority to enter into this transaction and transfer the Domain Name, free of the claims of any third parties.

Transfer of the Domain Name. The Domain Name is registered with Hostinger (“Registrar”), an ICANN accredited registrar system. Upon confirmation of receipt of Purchase Price, Seller shall provide Purchaser with a password or Seller shall push the Domain Name to Purchasers account at Registrar within same days of receiving payment. This enables Purchaser to modify the registration information as desired, transfer the Domain Name to a different Registrar, and/or to change Purchasers password/username to take full control of the Domain Name.

Further Assurances. Seller shall take all necessary actions, including providing all necessary documentation to Purchaser in order to transfer Domain Name to Purchaser.

JSM GLOBE LLP IS Responsible for successfully ownership transfer to buyer

How refunds are paid

If DOMAINGURUG issues you a refund, that refund will be paid to you using the same payment methods you used to pay any Fees to DOMAINGURUG or via any other method DOMAINGURUG chooses from time to time.awill be deemed to have accepted and will be bound by the terms and conditions
of this Agreement.

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